Voices of The Land (S)
Produced by Debra Natyzak
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Voices of The Land (S)

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Voices of The Land (S)

THE GREAT NORTHWEST of New Jersey is presented in geological and historical perspective from 1.5 billion years ago to the present. Just in case you missed a part of that time span .... local historians, an archaeologist, a geologist and a Lenape Indian provide insight into the colorful development of this part of America that borders on the Delaware River. Sussex and Warren Counties in New Jersey are the focal point of this compelling video history. Supported in part by a Grant from The New Jersey Council for The Humanities and by the Frelinghuysen Township Historical Society.

This remastered version (Ver SP01.1)includes an introduction to the town of Sparta (The Sparta Town Video) and some History project interviews with Sparta Historical Society members.
This history will help you understand how the 'Ridge and Valley" region of New Jersey developed both geologically and sociologically over time. After viewing this presentation, you may want to know more. Visit your library or bookstore and pick up books about the Delaware Water Gap, the Minisink Region and the Delaware and Lene Lenape' Indians. Study the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Examine why the Dutch found this area so appealing and what encouraged others to pioneer and homestead in this region. In the back roads and the hidden glens of Northwest New Jersey are many secrets of the past. All wait patiently for you to discover them. Walk softly and listen carefully. You just may hear the "Voices of The Land" speaking to you!

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Voices of The Land (S)
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