...To Skin a Cat
A Dan O'Berry Film
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...To Skin a Cat

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...To Skin a Cat

Award winning short film. Nick tries to open the door to his girlfriend's past, only to find himself locked out without a key -- and without a clue.

"If you are a fan of indie films, this is it, an instant classic. Every time I viewed it I found a new twist. Reminiscent of Tarantino with good humor. I LOVED IT."
Amazon.com Reviewer

"Hopper steals the show as Pinky and does a good job acting as does the rest of the cast. "...To Skin a Cat" is an entertaining film."
Greg Bellavia
Film Threat

"A fantastic film that is sure to be remembered."
Lisa Bobal
Memphis Film Forum

"We really loved this film, this really reminded me of the early Jim Jarmusch, who I really love. It is one of the films that we are promoting to the press."
Carol Bidault
Executive Director/Founder
DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF)

"Best short at festival. I saw this film at the Pocono Mountain Film Fest. This film deals with a man who gets into trouble when his girlfriend throws his clothes out the window. Things go bad to worst when someone takes his clothes from the street leaving him half naked. The acting was first rate and the black and white photography was very good... All-in-all a very enjoyable short."
IMDb Reviewer

First Prize - Comedy Short, Long Island Film Festival 2004
Best Live Action Short, Memphis International Film Festaival 2004
Best of Festival - Comedy, Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2004
Second Place - Comedy Short, The Indie Gathering 2005

Film Festivals:
DC Independent Film Festival 2004
Memphis International Film Festival 2004 *Winner*
Pocono Mountains Film Festival 2004
Long Island International Film Expo 2004
IndieFest 2004
Portobello Film Festival 2004
Long Island Film Festival 2004 *Winner*
Crested Butte Reel Fest 2004
LA Shorts Fest 2004
Temecula Valley Film Festival 2004
Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2004 *Winner*
Red Bank Film Festival 2004
Delta Film Festival 2004
Asheville Film Festival 2004
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2004
Ohio Independent Film Festival 2004
SNOB Film Festival 2004
Big Apple Film Festival 2004
Texas Film Festival 2005
The Indie Gathering 2005 *Winner*

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