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We are pleased to offer "Buechner" for sale on DVD through our partner CustomFlix. For more information, please see http://buechnerfilm.com. Here is a description of the film from that site:

March 20, 2003 was the first day of the war in Iraq. It also happened to be the same day that friends Molly and Rob interviewed Frederick Buechner, a writer whose work had profoundly touched their lives.

Mr. Buechner (pronounced BEEK-ner) is an ordained Presbyterian minister and the author of more than thirty books. He writes about life and God in a way that has transformed and inspired many people. People who have faith. People who doubt. People who find religion absurd. People who long to find meaning. People like Molly and Rob.

The distinct and unlikely paths that led them to be making a film about their favorite writer form the narrative channel through which Buechner is presented. The telling of Molly's and Rob's stories is not merely a narrative device--it illustrates in an absorbing way one of Buechner's central themes: that God speaks to us through our personal lives--not in ways we might expect or imagine, but, if we pay attention, through a glimpse of life's plot, an unlikely but consequential turn of events, an unexpected lump in the throat. Buechner tells us who Christ really might be, weaving in Buddhist truths with poignant observations and reflections of the 76 years he has lived--and the life that may be to come.

In this intimate and absorbing film, Buechner's unique and important insights into existence come into a new light.

CHRISTIANITY TODAY: "Buechner" can serve as an excellent conversation piece for Christians at home, at church, or with neighbors. It can also give curious moviegoers their first taste of his personality and views, which might lead them to some of the most rewarding reading of their lives.

SPIRITUALITY & HEALTH: On this DVD, director Rob Collins and Molly Collins spend some time with Buechner at his home. He is dressed casually in Bermuda shorts and holding a soda in his hand as he fields questions on a variety of topics... Buechner's answers to questions about the importance of the Bible, the meaning of Christ's resurrection, and the nature of his prayer life are masterful in their indirection. He refuses to respond in traditional ways... [An] engaging documentary...

VIDEO LIBRARIAN: "Buechner" is an extended interview/profile of Frederick Buechner, a Presbyterian minister whose books on experiencing God in day-to-day life have deeply influenced many readers, including the filmmakers. On the evidence of this rather plain but inviting hour-long conversation, Buechner is a thoughtful, engaging man, whose observations on the meaning of Christianity and other belief systems are refreshingly direct and dogma-free, illustrated by both contemporary references and personal lessons. It's easy to see why Buechner's accessible yet insightful treatment of some of the most fundamental questions about human existence have proven so attractive to so many; his reasoned approach and unpretentious bearing can't help but impress in an age that seems increasingly dominated by religious stridency and certitude... In short, this is a nice conversation with an amiable man that is likely to appeal to fans of the author/novelist.

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