The Brini Maxwell Show [Season One]
Produced by E! Entertainment Television, Inc.
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The Brini Maxwell Show [Season One]

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The Brini Maxwell Show [Season One]

In the realm of domestic science, Brini Maxwell is a goddess! Introduced on the Style Network after taking Manhattan by storm, Ms. Maxwell has made a career out of solving domestic conundrums in her inimitable and fabulous '60s-inspired style.

Each half-hour show is chock-full of home and fashion tips, making for a total of over five hours of entertaining - and useful! - Brini-wisdom. You'll learn everything from what to pack for a trip to how to get smudges off your linoleum (hint: A dab of lighter fluid does the trick!).

So what are you waiting for? Take this 2-disc DVD collection for a whirl!

Televised Broadcasts:
Yes. The Style Network (E! Networks). This is a currently running weekly half hour cable show.

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The Brini Maxwell Show [Season One]
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