Alien Dreamtime
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Alien Dreamtime

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Alien Dreamtime

Words - Terence McKenna
Visuals - Rose X
Music - Spacetime Continuum
Didgeridu - Stephen Kent

Alien Dreamtime was produced as a live transmedia performance in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993.

The performance is divided into three movements, each reflective of Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love(DMT Elves) and Time Wave Zero(2012).

McKenna's presence is combined with the neo-psychedelic visuals of Rose X and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeridusita, Stephen Kent.

about Alien Dreamtime:
"Captured live in San Francisco this event dissolves distinctions between performance art, rave, shamanic ritual, and inspired oratory. Terence McKenna pulls out his multimedia mojo bag and becomes raver, storyteller and psychedelic tourguide bringing all on a howling, transdimensional ride into some inexplicably weird territory. Backed by Stephen Kent's whirling didgeridoo, live video scratching by Rose X, and ambient loops by Spacetime Continuum, we are shuttled back 15,000 summers ago to the mushroom induced ecstasy on the African savannah, propelled into alien landscape of the DMT flash inhabited by hyperdimensional, self-transforming, machine elves, and left to ponder the mysteries of the psychedelic experience, the future of the human species, and its forward escape out of history. All in all, a wonderous, intensely trippy and enlightening adventure." - Amazon reviewer

(Alien Dreamtime)... would turn even Timothy Leary straight. - Billboard Magazine

Alien Dreamtime comes closer to replicating a psychedelic experience than anything else we've ever seen. - Brain Mind Bulletin

This video is a phenethylamine-drenched, techno-primitive extravaganza, par excellence. - Howard Rheingold in Whole Earth Review

Event of the year. - Urb Magazine

Average. Amazon Customer Review: 5 Stars

"My friend gave me a warning before popping this tape in, that it might be a bit intoxicating. That was one of the biggest understatements I have ever heard."

"I highly recommend this video for anyone who needs a little vacation from reality & some
healthy affirmation of the spirit of mankind."

Hopeful, visionary, enlightened, stimulating, mind-expanding media upon which the viewer parks his ego/social games at the door and steps into wonderfully bizarre and edifying territory, indeed.

This dvd is a must have for anyone who trips. Watch this dvd while your peaking, its got so many visuals with Terence McKenna talking in the backround (this was also made live in san francisco) There is also a Diggereedoo in the backround (the australian instrument) and it really completes the package.

In a word - amazing, but like the psilocybin and dmt expereinces discussed, words cannot describe it. McKenna was an amazing man and will be sincerely missed. Alien Dreamtime is an adventure all its own - not only do we have one of Terence McKenna's vivid and insightful speaches, it is accompanied by the perfect didj music of Space Time Continuum and crazy trippy visuals - not the synthetic ... kind that look acid inspired, beautiful shroom inspired sights made me wonder whether or not they were in my head!

Great graphics, interesting music, brilliant narration. This is a live show. It might be too trippy for some. But I thought it was great.

For anyone interested in human consiousness, psychology, botany (study of plants), and for anyone who likes psychoactive plats. Awesome speaker I have watched this 5 times! I showed all my friends, this is like no other movie out there, cannot explain you must watch it, and pay attention to what he says. This is my new favorite movie!

This tape is not for everyone.
It is for people who have ventured into psychedelic spaces. The visuals are extraordinary, the music hypnotic. McKenna preaches some good sense and some of his wacky ideas (my opinion, of course; others might find his speculations convincing and I respect that even though I use a pejorative term)of time speeding up, etc.

But overall, it's quite an eye and ear feast for people who are... well, like me.

Viva la Psychedelia!

Terence McKenna, Lady Miss Kier of Deee*Lite, Britt Welin, Ken Adams,

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