Noreascon 4 - Masquerade - Presentations and Awards
Produced by Dr. Eric J. (Dr. Gandalf) Fleischer  & Sydney Weinstein
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Noreascon 4 - Masquerade - Presentations and Awards

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Noreascon 4 - Masquerade - Presentations and Awards

Noreascon 4's Official DVD of the Sunday Night, September 5, 2004 event "The Masquerade" hosted by Susan de Guardiola. This is a two disc set. Disc one includes the masquerade presentations and a montage of the awards. Disc two is the masquerade awards including young fan, special Discworld, and the main awards. Each disc has chapter stops for each presentation. This DVD is produced from the same sources as shown on the screens at Noreascon including high fidelity audio and the slide reviews of each presentation. Considerable post-production editing was performed to improve the choice of the images available on the DVD. This is the official live recording produced by Noreascon 4 Technical Services of the Masquerade as it was performed at the Hynes Convention Center, Veterans Memorial Auditorium on Sunday, September 5, 2004 as part of the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. This multi-camera recording has been edited in post-production to provide a more complete record than that which was shown on the large screens in the auditorum.

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