Noreascon 4 - Opening/Highlights/Closing
Produced by Sydney Weinstein
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Noreascon 4 - Opening/Highlights/Closing

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Noreascon 4 - Opening/Highlights/Closing

Noreascon 4's Official DVD of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. In addition an edited highlight reel of all of the events is included. And as a special bonus feature this dvd includes the time lapse video of the entire week, including build, shows, and teardown. This is the official live recording produced by Noreascon 4 Technical Services of the Ceremonies as they were performed at the Hynes Convention Center, Veterans Memorial Auditorium from September 2-6, 2004 as part of the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. This multi-camera recording has been edited in post-production to provide a more complete record than that which was shown on the large screens in the auditorum.

Title #206763
Format: DVD-R
Noreascon 4 - Opening/Highlights/Closing
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