SWORD OF HEARTS - An Elizabethan Adventure

SWORD OF HEARTS - An Elizabethan Adventure

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SWORD OF HEARTS - An Elizabethan Adventure

Experience this Swashbuckling Adventure full of Action, Intrigue, Romance and Magic!

Follow the adventures of Geoffrey Pierce (Travis Estes), a young soldier returning home from foreign wars. Coming back with plans to make amends to Lady Grace (Amy Harmon), a woman he once wronged, Geoffrey finds her married into the powerful Durant family - nobility with a dark and dangerous plan to put Tristan Durant (Zach Thomas) on the throne of England! Joined by a young and cunning thief, Nola (Kathrynne Ann Rosen), Geoffrey is thrust into a tangled web of intrigue, thrilling action, and the desperate search for the mystical Eurydice Hook.

Starring: Travis Estes, Amy Harmon, Kathrynne Ann Rosen, & Zach Thomas

Featuring songs from the popular Midwestern Celtic band Waking Maggie!!!

Feature Running time: 93 minutes

Extras include: Cut Scenes, Outtakes, and Behind the Scenes at the Fight Rehearsal!

For the longer Trailer, Photos, Behind the Scenes, Wallpaper & much more, please visit our website: www.swordandcloak.com!!!

"*** (3-Stars/Ro-Men)...Sword of Hearts rates as good Ren Fair theatrics and a pleasant surprise... The swordfights are professionally choreographed, the script is well-written and manages to be historically faithful to the period while still providing plenty of swashbuckling adventure, humor and witty dialogue. The production values, period costumes and locations are all top-notch...and the acting is really quite first rate."
- Dwight Kemper, Videoscope

"Sword of Hearts is played refreshingly straight, with a respect for the material, and ends up delivering a fun little adventure story that will appeal to fans of Errol Flynn and Lucy Lawless alike. ...the movie delivers the lighthearted fun of a good Saturday afternoon adventure. ...worth picking up if you're looking for a good family adventure or a well-made independent film that is free of Sundance channel trappings."
- Christopher Hyatt, Discland.com

"SWORD OF HEARTS is like channeling the classic period piece..., It's right there with the Musketeer flicks, Errol Flynn's best, Rob Roy, Count of Monte Cristo, and PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN, There I said it (period). 4 rapiers (sounds dirty) out of 5.
- Chris Mackey, Guestar "SPOTLIGHT"

"fairly well-made and its heart is clearly in the right place...the acting is surprisingly decent for such an independent feature, as are the production values... surprisingly convincing as a period piece... Making a movie set in the Elizabethan period with scenes in villages and castles is clearly no small undertaking, and it's rather extraordinary what has been achieved here with such limited means. ...a good SOV tribute to Elizabethan adventures of the past that...deserves recognition as quite an accomplishment."
- John Kostka, MONSTERS AT PLAY.com

Travis Estes, Amy Harmon, Kathrynne Ann Rosen, & Zach Thomas

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SWORD OF HEARTS - An Elizabethan Adventure
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