Career Wisdom & Salary Wisdom System Combo
Produced by Kevin Moylan
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Career Wisdom & Salary Wisdom System Combo

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Career Wisdom & Salary Wisdom System Combo

This 2 disc set includes both the Career Wisdom System and the Salary Wisdom System in one package for a reduced price.

Disc 1 | The Career Wisdom System: Loaded with techniques and instruction to help you accelerate your career so you can get ahead faster without delay, the Career Wisdom System is the ultimate source for career advancement. The Career Wisdom System program contains over thirty proven techniques to help you work through the sticking points that are holding you back in your career such as: overcoming office politics, how to earn more money, work fewer hours, manage your boss and co-workers, avoid having bosses and co-workers dump work on you at the last minute and a step-by-step technique guarantee a salary increase, bonus and promotion year after year.

Disc 2 | The Salary Wisdom System: Ever wonder how some people earn the big bucks while producing the least amount of work? The Salary Wisdom System is the first program ever to show you how! The Salary Wisdom System teaches you how the salary, bonus and promotion structures can be manipulated to your advantage, not your employers. The Salary Wisdom System teaches you the building blocks that successful people use to double, triple and even quadruple your salary without having to beg for a raise, quit your job or go back to school to earn another degree.

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Format: DVD-R