Hoitsugan Seminars 2004

Hoitsugan Seminars 2004

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Hoitsugan Seminars 2004

The Hoitsugan Seminars
February 19-22, 2004
Northern California, USA

For the first time ever, over a dozen instructors of Shotokan Karate, all of whom lived and trained in Japan, taught more than 20 classes over a four-day period. Many of them trained directly with Nakayama Sensei prior to his passing in 1987. Some of these instructors lived in Japan for many years and have gained experiences that may be invaluable to your own training. This event has set a new standard of excellence for seminars.

List of Instructors:
James Yabe
Steve Ubl
Jon Keeling
Leon Montoya
Jeremy Peck
Bob Ehling
Glen Michel
Greg DuBois
Aaron Hoopes
Michael Berger
Erik Passoja
Fred Borda
Dan Cook
Brian Thompson

Some of the best instructors from various organizations are coming together from far and wide to carry on a legacy -- the legacy of Nakayama Sensei. From their training at the Hoitsugan, these instructors all share one thing: a sense of obligation to pass on the extraordinary insights into karate training that they gained in Japan.

My 2004 Hoitsugan Seminar DVD arrived in less than five days which I thought was fantastic service. Ordering was quick and easy.

When I viewed the DVD I was immediately surprised by the clarity of the production including the angles and distance of the footage. The material itself was also of excellent quality as each instructor brought his experiences to the training floor...

Tommy Pressimone

The Hoitsugan Seminars and subsequent video would have made Nakayama-sensei proud. Keeping the work of one's teacher alive by teaching his ideas to the next generation of students is the highest tribute any student can pay to his mentor.

But more than that, Nakayama-sensei would have been very proud of having such dedicated and progressive students, who not only continue to disseminate his thoughts and ideas, but also extend them through analysis and practice to produce something original of their own...


...During the Q & A session it was stated that the goal of the seminar is to provide top notch instruction combined with top notch explanation. This concept has been mastered beautifully by this dvd...The DVD is worth every penny of the price. I would recommend this DVD to any karateka with an interest in sound technical karate...

Patrick Dolly

The 2004 Hoitsugan Seminars DVD is an essential reference for all advanced karate students and instructors. Over a dozen of Shotokan's most talented instructors appear to share innovative exercises and their memories of training in Tokyo's famous Hoitsugan dojo. There is something for everyone on this DVD...Whether you are looking for new training exercises, demonstrations of excellent technique, or wondering what training in the Hoitsugan was (and is) really like, this is the rare DVD that you will watch again and again...

Cory Searcy

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Hoitsugan Seminars 2004
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