Introduction to Copyright and Open Source (Evaluation Copy)
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Introduction to Copyright and Open Source (Evaluation Copy)

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Introduction to Copyright and Open Source (Evaluation Copy)

This video is an introduction to copyright law and software licensing with a special emphasis on Open Source Software issues. It is aimed at people in the software development process.

More complete information about this video is available on the main product page on the Software Garden website.


Introduction (1:54)
Overview (1:03)
Reading and Using the Source Code of Others (3:09)
Copyright Law (4:50)
The Variety of Software Licenses (1:50)
Specifics of Open Source (4:19)
License Compatibility (1:00)
More Emphasis on Licenses and Copyright Now (2:50)
The GPL (8:41)
The Law, Lawyers, and Corporate Executives (3:08)
Corporate Software License Policy (3:33)
How Does This Change the Job of Being a Developer? (2:43)
In Closing (1:19)
Credits and Extra Material (:51)

The presenter is Dan Bricklin. He is best known as the inventor of VisiCalc, the early computer spreadsheet program, and Dan Bricklin's Demo Program, an award-winning software prototyping tool for which he did all of the programming. He has both a degree in computer science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, and has extensive experience in business and with legal issues. A recipient of numerous awards, he is a Fellow of both the Association of Computing Machinery and the Computer History Museum, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

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Introduction to Copyright and Open Source (Evaluation Copy)
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