The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling And Physical Culture
Produced by Vincent Giordano
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The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling And Physical Culture

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The Physical Body 2: Competition Training and the Dangal

The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling And Physical Culture

The Physical Body is a rare, unique look at the dying art of Kushti, India's indigenous form of wrestling and once royal national sport. This one hour video shot on location in Northern India closely examines the mechanics and regimens of physical development adhered to by wrestlers during their intense training routines. The two daily workout sessions under the supervision of a guru at the local akharas or wrestling gymnasiums are based on an ancient traditional wrestling and physical culture template that dates back thousands of years. Training with total devotion and intensity, the wrestler learns through exercise, diet, self-control and celibacy that his strength ultimately goes beyond the mere physical.

For the first time on DVD, you will experience wrestling in the traditional earthen pits and the distinctly Indian exercises with gadas (maces), joris (heavy clubs), nals (stone weights), gar nal (stone wheel), sumtola (Indian barbell), as well as an extensive investigation of the Mallakhamb or wrestler's pole, the rope Mallakhamb and the art of jori swinging for competition. The popularity of the dand (jack knife push-ups) also called Hindu push-ups and the baithak (deep knee-bend) or Hindu squat are shown in several variations along with the Hindu Squat Thrust. The relationship of these exercises to surya namaskar or sun salutation are also examined. All of which lead to a deeper more complete understanding of the execution and purpose of each exercise.

Traveling to one of the most famous akharas in Delhi, we contrast the ancient ways with the newer training methods on modern mats that threaten to extinguish the traditional sport in an unfortunate bid for more international currency.

This deluxe DVD edition includes unprecedented practice options and detailed workout footage for those who want to practice and use the exercises in their own daily training regimens.

"Vincent Giordano has put together an amazing documentary capturing the heart and soul of traditional Indian wrestling. Focusing on its training regimen and routines Vincent's photo journalist skills have captured and thus preserved the remnants of a vanishing yet still vibrant martial art. Yes, there are still practitioners of the ancient grappling style made world-famous by legends like Gama the Great, Ghulam, Iman Bux and Hamida. This is a true historical treasure!"

Mark S. Hewitt,
author, Catch Wrestling: A Wild and Wooly Look At the Early Days of Pro Wrestling in America

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The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling And Physical Culture
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