Craftwise Volume 4: Herb Magick
Produced by Linda and Peter Paddon
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Craftwise Volume 4: Herb Magick

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Craftwise Volume 4: Herb Magick

Author and Witch Peter Paddon teaches the basics of Spellcrafting, and explores the art of herb magick.

Incense and brews
Mojo bags
Poppets and Fith Faths

Healing spell
Learning spell
Spell to break a habit

"I highly recommend this DVD for anyone serious about learning Herb Magic. I have not found the information shared in this DVD in any book I have read. The spells Peter demonstrates can be used in many ways, and he provides excellent ideas to help you develop your own style. I am very excited to make them part of my own spell library.
I can not say enough about the class environment you experience while watching the DVD, the world fades away, and you feel like you are actually there. Thank you Peter!"
Spiral Rose

Peter Paddon

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