San Da Punching and Clinching
Produced by David Ross
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San Da Punching and Clinching

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San Da Punching and Clinching

An instructional DVD demonstrating the punching and clinching techniques of San Da, also known as Chinese kickboxing. Both neck and body clinching, to throw and to strike, are covered on this one hour and 45 minute DVD filmed during a seminar.

Sifu David A Ross is the founder of San Da Training Systems, head coach at NY San Da Gym and has trained 3 world and 16 national champions.


"Coach Ross presented a lot of great info. I especially recommend Coach Ross and STS for anyone who is interested in the sanda format or those who are looking for practical ability in all ranges."

"Great DVD. I very much encourage any one wanting to improve their clinch/takedowns to get a copy of this DVD. David Ross explains the material systematically and logically starting with the absolute basics but going on to look at various different scenerios: Positions, attacks, counters, counters to the counters and even some basic submissions/controls on the ground."

Ian Morgan, Tim O'Connor, Lino Azevedo

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