Detour Into Madness Vol 1.
Produced by Timothy Whitfield
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Detour Into Madness Vol 1.

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Detour Into Madness Vol 1.

5 short horror/thriller subjects on one DVD. Snuff, Samhain 101, Revelations, Roadkill, and The Devil's Window.

4 Shorts from Director JOE PATNAUD

( 2005 / 13min /Language, Graphic Violence)
When two actresses (Heather Lee and Leah Nigro) with dreams of making it big in movies run acroos a twisted low-budget horror director (William DeCoff), they find out nothing on the screen is
more terrifing than real life!

(2004 / 17min / Language, Graphic Violence)
When a teenage cheerleader (Danielle Lozeau) tries to cover up a deadly accident involving a nameless pedestrian (Kevin Cirone), she soon discovers that drinking and driving does in fact kill!

(2004 / 11min / Language, Violence, Sexual Images/Content)
A man of faith (Stephen Hludzik) finds his beliefs challenged by his VERY liberal girlfriend (Jessica Sonneborn), but are his problems real, or all in his mind?

(2004 / 30min / Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, Sexual Situations)
Uptight college student, Lauren Samuels (Erika Stone) has a big project due on the local legend of 'Samhain' and the masked demon "Jack". With her photographer (Jessica Sonneborn) and videographer (Stephen Hludzik) in tow, she soon stumbles on a legend that is very much real. Can they escape before they become another footnote in the horrific tale?

Plus a bonus short from director TIM WHITFIELD

(2005 / 15min / Language, Sexual Themes)
Three girls (Danielle Lozeau, Katherine Ryan, Molly Cranna) decide to spend the night trying to contact long dead spirits with the use of a mystical spirit board. When they do reach over, they soon realise that the grass isn't
always greener on the other side.

Special Features: Director Commentary on Samhain 101.
3 Deleted Scenes.

Produced by Mike Defrancesco, Tim Whitfield and Joe Patnaud

Not intended for those under 17. Contains Language, Graphic Violence, Drug Use, Sexual Content and Nudity

"It was a pleasure to see Danielle Lozeau once more (in DEVIL's WINDOW). I was highly impressed with her performance in Timberwolf's ROADKILL so it was a nice surprise to see the wide range of acting she was capable of. Extreme kudos go out to her for such a damn fine performance"

"Creepy and demented SNUFF holds true to the title. Nice and smooth cinematography round out some of the best 15 minutes I've spent."

"(in REVELATIONS)" Director Joe Patnaud does an excellent job of capturing the right angles and lighting. The lighting was exquisite and sheer beauty on the eyes... the selling point for me... belongs to the extremely captivating yet downright eerie performance of Jessica Sonneborn.This girl seriously rocks people. Because of her a ton of charm has been added atop an already great flick. I know I'll be keeping an eye out for future projects from her."

"Director Whitfiled does a good job of building up the plot and delivering just the right amount of scares..Great eyebrow raising performances by Lozeau, Katherine Ryan and Molly Cranna make it official that you wont be dissapointed for picking this one up.."

" And last but not least us gore hounds will be pleased as we get to see some excellent car impalements...kudos...SAMHAIN 101 is a keeper folks.."


Heather Lee, Danielle Lozeau, Jessica Sonneborn, Steve Hludzik, Erika Stone, Leah Nigro, Katherine Ryan, Willam DeCoff

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