Nature's Way Inspirations To Live By...
Produced by Cheryl Spatenka
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Nature's Way  Inspirations To Live By...

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Nature's Way Inspirations To Live By...

Bird watchers and Nature lovers will relax to this excellent spiritual DVD. As the peaceful harp music plays and words of wisdom appear, you will be captivated by the wildlife and beautiful scenery. Watching "Nature's Way" is a terrific way to calm down after that challenging day or just to relax with the family.

2006 Awarded the "Dove Family Seal of Approval" by the Dove Foundation.

2005 Awarded Honorable Mention in National Accolade Competition.

"Words cannot express how much we love to watch it and unwind"
Michelle & 1st Lt. Clay Bringhurst, USMC

"I bought one and 25 of us sat and watched it, we bought 4 more and gave them as gifts, one to my sister-in-law whose husband is fighting cancer and she makes everyone who comes thru her door sit down and watch it, everyone just loves it!"

"Your DVD is excellent! I Loved it!"
Kathi Ackerman, Executive Director, MN DARE, Inc.

"We have just spent our nicest lunch break in ages, watching and relaxing - this should be compulsory to every soul in business!"
Krystyna & Paul

"My two boys, Daniel 4 and James 2, sat and asked lots of questions about the birds, they really liked it - you are so lucky to live in a place with so many lovely things around you"
Linda & Family

"Truly Spectacular! I felt like I was sitting out in nature and the birds were coming to me - my wife has Parkinson's and the nature and wildlife scenes were very soothing and comforting to her, your words of inspiration and wildlife footage are excellent"
Darryl Hill, Retired High School Principal

2006 Awarded the Dove Family Seal of Approval by the Dove Foundation. The Dove Seal is the reliable symbol of family-friendly entertainment!

2005 Honorable Mention National Accolade Competition. A National Competition honoring excellence in film, video, TV & commercials

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Nature's Way  Inspirations To Live By...
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