Panopl@y - S.E. Barnet
Produced by S.E. Barnet & System Yellow Inc.
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Panopl@y - S.E. Barnet

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Panopl@y - S.E. Barnet

S. E. Barnet's videos burrow beneath the ordinary to reveal discomfort, absurdity and, sometimes, the downright silly. Re enacting the everyday but often gendered and private such as applying make up (Making Up), or dressing and undressing(Under Cover and Shrug), Barnet brings these all too familiar gestures into public and voyeuristic observation (the paradox being that they are gestures of both camouflage and ostentatious display, the sleights of body and eye that constitute social interaction). We want to look away, perhaps a little embarrassed at our desire to keep watching, but are simultaneously eager for further revelation.

Though keenly observant, Barnet's work is about more than what is or is not observed, it is also about the physical mechanisms of observation and surveillance. The camera, audio and editing are used to force an awareness of how we are looking and listening. With a nod to poststructuralist film techniques (Spring Forward, Fall Back and Mistakes), Barnet brings high theory literally down to earth through the abject runaway device of a hot-pink slinky. As the camera follows, then becomes the slinky, we are treated to the giggly delights of multiple viewpoints expanding and compressing through time and space

Allan deSouza
May 2002


1. UNDER COVER, 1996, 11:30

2. MAKING UP, 1997, 6:30

3. SHRUG, 1999, 10:00 loop

4. MISTAKES, 2000, 3:30


6. PUCKER, 2002, 8:00

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Format: DVD-R
Panopl@y - S.E. Barnet
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