Trains On Location, Horseshoe Curve
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Trains On Location, Horseshoe Curve

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Trains On Location, Horseshoe Curve

Direct from the pages of TRAINS Magazine, based on its popular "On Location" photo series! Visit Conrail's main line through the mountains of Pennsylvania, home of historic Horseshoe Curve and heartland of the old Pennsylvania Railroad.

Witness the steady procession of thundering Conrail
freight trians between Altoona and Johnstown.

Ride a locomotive out of Altoona as it climbs
to the summit of the Alleghenies.

Spend some time in the historic towers west of Altoona, where operators practice an age-old craft.

Visit the Horseshoe Curve National Vistor Center and Conrail's Juniata locomotive shops.

"Trains On Location, Horseshoe Curve" was originally produced in 1995 and was the second in a video series about North America's greatest railfan locations.
Produced by Paul D. Schneider, railroad author and creator of the acclaimed "FastTrack" video series.

Now re-released in 2005 direct from the original master "Horseshoe Curve" is better than ever!
With over an hour of additional never before seen footage including a Conrail cab ride and interviews with seasoned Conrail tower operators.

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Trains On Location, Horseshoe Curve
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