Fight Like a Girl: The Rape Escape Method

Fight Like a Girl: The Rape Escape Method

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Fight Like a Girl: The Rape Escape Method

It starts here with this 3 DVD set giving you the easiest to learn and simplest to use methods of Women's Self-Defense allowing you to effectively defend yourself against a man who is trying to sexually assault you.

In Rape Escape Level 1 you'll learn solutions to nine of the most common sexual assault scenarios. This DVD covers what to do when rape is imminent starting from the worst position possible - he is pinning you down and is between your thighs.

In Rape Escape Level 2 we address some of the date rape or acquaintance rape scenario solutions. You'll learn some easy, yet incredibly effective techniques that can give you back the control you need, plus you are always in position to use the Rape Escape techniques learned in Level 1!

In Rape Escape Level 3 we answer the question --"How do you effectively fight back against a rapist or homicidal ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who is armed and you are sure he is going to kill you?" You must have a plan to deal with the armed rapist - there is a good chance that you could find yourself attacked this way and you'll need these simple techniques to stop the killing! To give you an edge, you will also learn about how to effectively use pepper spray, one of the recommended non-lethal weapons you can carry.

Your instructor is Brad Parker, executive director of the Women's Self-Defense Institute and head of Defend University, a virtual campus dedicated to self-defense, security and defensive tactics. Parker combines 20 years martial arts experience and 15 years law enforcement experience to provide women with real-world self-defense training that does not rely on "tricks" or fancy techniques which require years of training.

"Brad does not pull any punches in his teaching. Many of the positions and scenarios that Brad uses are the same as I have seen in the sexual assaults that I have investigated."

Detective Jonathan Pickett, Wheat Ridge Police Department

This is not the old "stun and run" or "kick him where it counts" instruction you see elsewhere. Rape Escape provides clear and detailed instruction in the most modern methods for actually fighting off a man who is determined to assault you.

"The set is an excellent rape defense set--the best I've seen -- and I wholeheartedly recommend them. Great job."

Robert Orlando Author, Martial Arts America

Each DVD is shot on state-of-the-art digital cameras and contains a Technique Review section. This section uses a special effect showing each technique in slow motion with text and graphic highlights at the critical junctures of the move. You can use this section for a quick review anytime you want. The DVD menu lets you access it immediately.

See for yourself why the Rape Escape method is sweeping the nation and being incorporated into high schools around the country!

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