Songs for Rada Service (words and melody)

Songs for Rada Service (words and melody)

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Songs for Rada Service (words and melody)

Artist/Band: Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo

Rada Songs for Services (words and music) is a 24 track CD that showcases the most popular songs that are sung for Rada services in Haitian Vodou. Mambo Vye Zo choose these songs to illustrate the beauty of the liturgy in Vodou. The first five songs are ones sung to create sacred space in the temple - Kriye Bode, Fanmi Mwen yo, Gran Chemen, Hountor and Kafou.

Having created sacred space, you can sing for the tracing of the specific veve that will be enlivened with the song, Se a Te.

Following the veve, there are 18 tracks of songs for the four major Lwa of the pantheon beginning with Legba, Marasa, Loko and Ayizan. Each Lwa is offered three or more songs that are the hall mark of their energy and service.

Danbala follows these four, with a beautiful rendition of M'ap pe mande, the lovely Se Lwa Koulev and finishes with Ke mele mwen.

Having sung for all the majors and allowing Danbala entry, the disk concludes with Minocan, the piece that is offered to all the Lwa not named.

Mambo sings each song three times with clarity and in clave (musical time), so that you will be able to sing with drum accompaniment when you are attending service. And the booklet contains the words for all the songs, so you can learn to speak creole, as you learn to sing the music.

These 24 tracks are the basis for all service. Learning these 24 songs will give your work a true feel of authenticity and beauty. Mambo choose these songs as they are some of her favorites. She offers them here with love for the music, devotion to the Lwa and respect to the religion of Vodou. Ayibobo.

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