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Scrooge & Marley Soundtrack

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Scrooge & Marley Soundtrack

Artist/Band: Various Artists

Scrooge & Marley is a modern-day variation on Charles Dickens' classic story of the holidays, A Christmas Carol. Recounted from a gay sensibility, with heart, comedy and music, the magic of Dickens' timeless tale of a man's redemption at the holidays-thanks to the help of three ghostly spirits-comes alive from a fresh perspective that will appeal to audiences of every persuasion.

Soundtrack music:
Opening Titles - Scrooge & Marley Orchestra; by Richard Knight, Jr.
All Year Long - Amber deLaurentis; by Amber deLaurentis-Tom Cleary
Welcome to Christmas Present - Megan Cavanagh; by Lisa McQueen-Ellen Stoneking-Richard Knight, Jr.
Christmas Eve Is Coming Soon - Becca Kaufman; by Richard Knight, Jr.
I'm a Christmas Kinda Baby - Rusty Schwimmer; by Lisa McQueen-Richard Knight, Jr.
Star of Wonder - Matt Alber; by Terre Roche; Traditional
O Christmas Tree - The Plush Interiors; Traditional
Christmas Time - John Szymanski; by John Syzmanski
A Very Crawford Christmas - The Joans; by David Cerda-Taylor E. Ross
Dreidel Jingle Fiasco - BETTY; Traditional
Jingle Bells - Samba Bamba; Traditional
Christmas Eve Is Coming Soon - Lisa McQueen; by Richard Knight, Jr.
Just A Little Bit of Christmas - Jeannie Tanner Trio; by Rebecca Jean Tanner
Ebenezer Scrooge Was to Christmas - The Show Biz Kids; by Lisa McQueen-Richard Knight, Jr.
Ebenezer Scrooge IS to Christmas - David Pevsner and The Show Biz Kids; by Lisa McQueen-Richard Knight, Jr.
O Tannenbaum - The Chicago Gay Men's Chorus; Traditional
Coventry Carol - Kirsten Gustafson-Dave Zegner; Traditional
One Kiss for Christmas - Jen Zias; by Linda Good
Amazing - Jason Gould; by Marsha Malamet-Liz Vidal-Stephan Oberhoff
Scrooge & Marley Score Suite - Scrooge & Marley Orchestra; by Lisa McQueen-Richard Knight, Jr.

Director Richard Knight, Jr. states: "From the outset of Scrooge & Marley, our modern-day variation on Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol,' I intended for the film to have a lot of original holiday music. And we found a treasure trove of new holiday standards and fresh takes on Christmas classics that fit in beautifully with our original songs. But there were two pieces missing - an end credit ballad that would summarize the journey back to love that our Ben Scrooge takes and the ability to have Lisa McQueens's exquisite, wide-ranging background score played by a real orchestra.

"In what can only be termed a Christmas miracle, both that song - appropriately titled 'Amazing' - and the recording of our score by what we affectionately have dubbed the Scrooge & Marley Orchestra - came to be. For the former, I am most appreciative of the creative efforts of Marsha Malamet, Liz Vidal and Stephan Oberhoff and to Jason Gould for his gorgeous vocal and for taking a leap of faith with us. For the latter, I am eternally grateful to Lisa McQueen, Andrew Favreau, and especially to Cliff Colnot for his tremendous, unstinting support of our project. None of our original songs would have happened without the generous support of my dear Becca Kaufman who insisted on the best which brings us at last to our fearless Executive Producer Tracy Baim, who was unfailingly supportive on every level. My heartfelt thanks."

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