THE PINK MIRROR (Gulabi Aaina)
Produced by Solaris Pictures, India
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THE PINK MIRROR  (Gulabi Aaina)

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Indian Gay Films

THE PINK MIRROR (Gulabi Aaina)

Bollywood entertainer spiced with Dance, Drama and Desire!

India's first film on drag queens is an Award winning film that is being hailed as a 'cult film'.

Two transsexuals and a gay teenager seduce a handsome hunk using all their charms and some dance moves too. Who will the hunk bed?

A comic romp which ends in tragedy, The Pink Mirror, for the first time peeps into the Indian homosexual closet and discovers some touching bonds and relationships.

A huge festival hit, having screened at over 70 international festivals and won several top honors, the film is also considered an invaluable addition to University Libraries as a resource material on queer asian cinema and gender studies.

NOTE: INSTITUTIONs & NGOs please contact for rights to screen.

"Intimate, sad and humorous simultaneously, Gulabi Aaina, deals with a historical friendship in the purest Bollywood style. Music, songs, choreography enhance a love tangle of a very special quartet. An excellent example of Indian cinema".
~ Daniel Prada | Cinema Critic on

"A Bollywood recipe served with sensitivity!"
~ Michael Barrett | Director of Programming, Vancouver Queer Film + Video Festival, Canada

"One of the most delightful films in the festival, Bitchy banter, drama queen drama, handsome studs, dances and songs-and a dose of grim, health-related reality (to a melodramatic motif from Puccini's "Madama Butterfly")-fill its 40 minutes."
~ Bruce-Michael Gelbert | FireIsland Qnews

"We've watched it and we love it! - Very funny and entertaining and I like the song and dance numbers particularly. Thanks for making such a great film. It was a real pleasure to see such a fun, well made film. I'm sure it will be a hit with our audiences."
~ Simon Fulton | Programmer, Out Takes 2004, New Zealand

"THE PINK MIRROR is a very compelling and unique film. I was immediately intrigued by the subject matter..."
~ Douglas Hopper, Festival Co-ordinator, Oregon Queer Film Festival

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'Jury Award for Best Feature'
Fire Island Video & Film Festival 2004
Fire Island, New York, USA

'Best Film of the Festival'
Question de Genre film festival 2003
Lille, France

Film Festivals:
Official Selection - 72 International Film Festivals

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THE PINK MIRROR  (Gulabi Aaina)
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