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Have you ever wanted to make your own TV program or movie? Now with a basic DV camcorder and a standard video editing program, like iMovie, you home!

DO IT YOURSELF TV-LEARN TV PRODUCTION IN 44 MINUTES is perfect place to start for the beginner who has to grasp the essentials of TV production quickly and easily.

In this DVD professional TV producer Janette Heffernan demonstrates how easy it is by doing everything herself: equipment, filming, scripting, editing, compression, music, camera effects and a sample edit. She makes an professional-looking, watchable TV programme. No cheating! If she can do it - you can do it!

Her DVD series on bookbinding, Bookbinding with Peter Goodwin was filmed in this way. An ordinary but good Sony DV camcorder was used for filming and iMovie for editing. No lights, no scripts, no huge expensive production team.

A moving picture is priceless but to be watched it has to look good. That means it must be edited.

This DVD is edited on iMovie 4.01, iMovie 6.01 & iMovie 7.00/ HD.

iMove 8.00, new to iLife 8, is not suitable for proper Movie making. It is best for short YouTube items but the good news is Apple ships iMovie HD as a download with this application so DIYTV is still bang up to date.

Included is a short Movie Tutorial that will save hours of frustration to get you going. Windows Movie Maker is very similar. Once you get the idea it is very easy. With this introduction you can move on to the professional edit suites without too much stress.

Janette Heffernan's TV series Dance Tales Story Ballet was shown on the BBC. It was a finalist in the Los Angeles Monitor Awards for best edited program. But these days you don't need a full production team or a huge budget to make a saleable TV program. Janette shows you how with DIY TV-Learn TV Production in 44 minutes!

What could be simpler!

The basics of TV production are easy to learn... it takes just 44 minutes! DIY TV Learn TV Production in 44 Minutes is a perfect introduction to film making and will give you the confidence to get started and have a go at doing it yourself.

INDIVIDUAL USE: RIGHTS AND RESTRICTIONS This purchase is for individual home use only and does not include any public-performance rights of either a paying or non-paying nature.

DIY TV LEARN TV PRODUCTION IN 44 MINUTES is protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, internet webcasting/filesharing, loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others or use for public exhibition or commercial purposes (i.e. charging admission) is strictly prohibited without written permission from JAN MILA LTD.

Best on web GLUE: a How-To!

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Janette Heffernan - Presenter

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