Bookbinding DVD Series - THE ACCOUNT BOOK
Produced by Janette Heffernan
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Bookbinding DVD Series - THE ACCOUNT BOOK

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Bookbinding DVD Series - THE ACCOUNT BOOK

In this DVD master bookbinder Peter Goodwin shows in detail how to make an account book or a 'springback' ledger, as it is known in the trade. It is a style of binding that allows a book to lie flat so you can write right up to the margins. In olden times this was the usual binding for stationery books.

Springback ledgers are the test of a bookbinder's craft. This type of binding is considered challenging and is usually avoided by lesser mortals as "too hard."

However master bookbinder Peter Goodwin is well up to the task. As a young apprentice in Nottingham, Peter Goodwin and his master, "Harry", turned out 300 of this type of binding every three weeks.

With his no nonsense attitude Peter Goodwin shows how to make one of these difficult books. The secrets of the springback are revealed for all to admire. The split boards, the stippling, the tab and the springback tube are all tackled with skill and good humor.

Filmed by TV producer, Janette Heffernan, in the bindery.

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