Portal to Ascension
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Portal to Ascension

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Portal to Ascension

Artist/Band: Zendor Melchizedek

Recorded for the Cosmic ReUnion 2012 Event, features a guided meditation followed by 7 tracks of music designed to facilitate a galactic experience. Your experience may include creating a merkabah within, possible trips across the universe, meeting your celestial family or working out your karmic conundrums.

Past performance of group meditations using the music tracks have returned phenomenal experiences as related by the participants. The discovery of these results came in 2001 when a small group meditated together and a collective experience unfolded beyond their imagination.

Now with the preliminary guided meditation, you will be able to release and ride the music - embarking on an internal journey of a lifetime. Enjoy your next phase of personal ascension!

Title #2088600
Format: CD-R