Songs for Petro Service

Songs for Petro Service

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Songs for Petro Service

Artist/Band: Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo

Petro Songs for Services (Words and Music) is a 24 track CD that showcases the some of the popular songs that are sung for Petro services in Haitian Vodou. Mambo Vye Zo choose these songs to illustrate the power of the liturgy in Vodou. Mambo begins by giving the Petro call that is used to connect songs in service. It is called A foutaye, and she sings both the call and the response, so you can sing with her.

Once the call is sung, the first Lwa we sing for is Papa Ogou, beginning with a song of welcome -- Papa Ogou Bon Swa. Then we offer Mile Mile, Bebe o fawo and Ze Wouj. We conclude the Nago round by firing canons in honor of this military spirit with a call to the great Danbala with Fer Ogou.

Next, Mambo sings for Ezili Dantor, beautiful and motherly Lwa of the pantheon. Dantor is the patron of all working people in the world. We begin by singing that Dantor is our Lwa (Danto Lwa Mwen), and then we call in her fierce side with Ezili Je Wouj. We also call her with Ezili Ke Nwa (and the line that says this is not for the children of the house!). Finally, we send her off with Kongo Kraze. There are 6 additional tracks for Simbi, and three for Gede, with a final Nou tout se yon O as the final song on the CD.

Mambo sings each song three times with clarity and in clave (musical time), so that you will be able to sing with drum accompaniment when you are attending service. And the booklet contains the words for all the songs, so you can learn to speak creole, as you learn to sing the music.

These 24 tracks are the basis for a private Petro service. Learning these 24 songs will give your work a true feel of authenticity and beauty. Mambo choose these songs as they are some of her favorites. She offers them here with love for the music, devotion to the Lwa and respect to the religion of Vodou. Ayibobo.

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