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Artist/Band: Venedel

Musician Venedel weaves together soothing ambient music with the pristine sounds of water in her debut album "Crystalline."

Natural water sounds and electronic atmospheric tones blend together to create smooth and light compositions. Venedel's melodies are fluid and minimalistic mirroring water's cascading movements. Her arrangements enhance the tonal essences of water and honor its beautiful music.

The debut single and opening track "Sea of Light" features a piano gently touching upon pulsating ocean waves inviting the listener into a meditative, tranquil space. As the album progresses, ambient soundscapes merge gently with streams, rivers, and waterfalls. Through the ebbs and flows of crashing waves, a gliding melody gracefully sweeps across "Luminous Tides," while harmonic high tones stroke a rushing waterfall on the track "Waterfall." As "Crystalline" closes with "Inner Light," the listener feels the album's great reverence for water after journeying through its sonic nuances.

Among the nine tracks on "Crystalline," all but one include water, which is "Deep Sea," an imaginative piece where Venedel integrates electronic pads to mimic the sounds of being underwater creatively animating the underworld of the ocean. "Crystalline's" cinematic quality evokes feelings of awe and deep peace as the natural sounds of water-as-an-instrument are accentuated.

With the help of Co-Producer Roque Bucton and Assistant Producer Venus Herbito, Venedel has created a distinctive ambient collection. "Crystalline" is being wholeheartedly embraced by holistic health professionals and practitioners of acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation.

Title #2091962
Format: CD-R