SLEEP - Wind Chimes & Birds

SLEEP - Wind Chimes & Birds

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SLEEP - Wind Chimes & Birds

Artist/Band: Nature

Fall to sleep with soothing Wind Chimes and Birds as the volume gently fades away. Features

  • The Sounds of Wind Chimes, Birds and the Wind
  • One 60 minutes track that slowly fades out

Product Uses
Helps you fall asleep.

This CD is designed to help you fall asleep. The constant rhythm was been found to be useful for relaxation.

Listening to these CDs help you reduce your stress and relax. No one tells you to relax or breath deep. The CDs just let you escape. So, I recommend that you get one and relax.

Music is not added to these CDs; they are all natural sounds.

Title #2092088
Format: CD-R