The Music of Forgotten Horrors Vol. 2!
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The Music of Forgotten Horrors Vol. 2!

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The Music of Forgotten Horrors Vol. 2!

Artist/Band: Michael H. Price

The first volume of "The Music of Forgotten Horrors" concentrates upon scoring cues from the Poverty Row chillers of Old Hollywood. For this second biscuit, "Forgotten Horrors" creator Michael H. Price has compiled a selection of pop, rock, and jazz novelties that by turns foreshadow and reflect the Old School horror movies. Tiny Parham's "Voodoo" (1929) stems from the same popular craze that gave rise to the film "White Zombie" in 1932. Joel Shaw's jazzified tune "White Zombie" (1932) is a timely response to the movie's box-office success. Herman Cohen promoted "Horrors of the Black Museum" and "The Headless Ghost" in 1959 with a customized rock 'n' roll platter calculated to
sound a great deal like the chartbusting Coasters. Ross Bagdasarian's (David Seville) "The Witch Doctor" inspired a weirder-than-weird Spanish translation for the supernatural comedy "Dos Fantasmas y Una Muchacha" (Mexico; 1958). Phil Harris' "The Mountaineer & the Jabberwock" (1949) became a lasting hit for a generation of Monster Kid enthusiasts. Gus Edwards celebrated Hollywood's Man of a Thousand Faces in 1929 with "Lon Chaney's Gonna Get You if You Don't Watch Out." And others to humorous to mention; you get the picture.

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