Waiting on Alphie
Produced by Eric Lindstrom
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Waiting on Alphie

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Waiting on Alphie

A cafe in New York joins two men. Gus (Lance Zurek), flown in from Chicago, awaits the order on the cafe payphone to kill Alphie (James K Fulater) or let him live. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, they are in a standoff that turns minutes to hours. As today becomes tomorrow, the two find themselves discussing life, society, food -- and a secret from their past that comes crashing down.

White Lightning Productions presents a Diesel Movie Werks Production of a Kevin Hicks film, "Waiting on Alphie". Starring James K. Fulater, Lance Zurek, Matthew Landon, Keri Szymanski and Kendall McAdams. At night ... all cats are grey.

"'Waiting on Alphie' is a great film that has a lot of lasting appeal. Its humor and commentary on life and crime is fun and quite enjoyable. Not since 'Pulp Fiction' has an Indie crime film combined so much spontaneous humor with hit man intrigue."

- Jeremy Hanke, Microfilmmaker Magazine

"Films buff who miss the days of gritty dialogue-driven '90s indies like 'Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead' and 'The Usual Suspects' should check [this] out ..."

- M. Faust, ArtVoice Film Critic, Buffalo

"... an extremely interesting film, sort of a 'Dinner with André' with bullets ... like watching a very well made stage play."

- Michael Norman Saleman, filmrep.com

"Kevin Hicks and Eric Lindstrom have made ... a Tarantino-like chamber piece set in a Buffalo diner between two guys. One has been assigned to kill the other, who wants not to be dead.
... the plot twists and turns ... ingenious."

- Bryan VanCampen, Film Critic, Ithaca Times

"... a great film, it's better than ... the schlock Hollywood has churned out this year."

- Dustin Rowles, pajiba.com

"... the underpinnings of their relationship are meant to unravel with the turning of the clock's hands from evening to dawn. Dark and absurd and even funny ... the thrill of the story isn't left to chance."

- Maya Rao, Ithaca Journal

James K Fulater, Lance Zurek, Matthew Landon, Keri Szymanski, Kendall McAdams

Microfilmmaker Magazine's Editors Pick of the Month (12/2005)

Film Festivals:
Ultra-Indie Film Weekend - Lexington, KY
Numerous screenings throughout NY

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Waiting on Alphie
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