Rise of the Cafe Racer
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Rise of the Cafe Racer

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Rise of the Cafe Racer

Artist/Band: Deano Jones and the Sweet Death Symphony

Rise of the Cafe Racer is the Soundtrack to the book of the same name by Deano Jones. The book's scenes reference songs from this cd and are specific to the narrative.

Available as a cd & book, Kindle & mp3 or bundled together in an iBook, Rise of the Cafe Racer is the world's first Vampire-Motorcycle-Rock Musical-Book.

The book takes place in a world filled with Vampires, 1089 years in the future after all humans have been hunted into extinction. Without human blood to feed on Vampires have no supernatural power and lead difficult lives with little choices. But every 121 years there's a motorcycle race that lets Vampires dream of rising up and becoming the King of the Undead.

Originally written as a rock Musical and later turned into a book, the music on Deano Joneses third solo effort is as eclectic as the scenes from the book that they were created for. The music follows the Vampires of The Realm's story, their struggles and their inspiration in a world of corruption, love and triumph.

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Format: CD-R