World's Worst Rock Album

World's Worst Rock Album

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World's Worst Rock Album

Artist/Band: House of Power

18 original songs combine light rock with wit in this comedy album with topics ranging from the kid's puppet shows to heavy drinking. The songs are much more witty than this description so why not give it a try. Here is a brief description of each song in track order:

Sensitivity Training - When diversity and individuals clash, human resources (HR) demand compliance from all employees in the form of sensitivity training.

Vegetarian - The wife has a new way of life that is displeasing to the husband and it is not just her choices of food.

World's Worst Puppet Show - The kids always want to put on a show but they are terrible. This song chronicles the show and why I put up with them (because I'm a Dad).

Public Pool - The sweet smell of chlorine and urine put to music about my day at the public pool.

Austeria - A magical tale about the land of cost cutting and business austerity. Loosely based off an 80's rock hit.

Chances Are - Seems like everything is a hassle when you've already scored the biggest win of your life. I love my wife.

Whiskey Richard - A crass little number about when you've had too much and you blow that big moment.

Hyperhydrosis - Inspired by how some of the guys sweat just walking up the stairs. Ladies, try and look past the sweatiness. Even Brad Pitt sweats.

Flowers - When "I'm sorry" just isn't enough, you have to spring for the flowers to get back in good graces. Plus flowers are sold in grocery stores near the beer.

Thirsty Thursday - Everyone's favorite minor league baseball team promotion gets a little out of hand.

Throw It Over The Wall - You don't even know what these forms are for and the person receiving them doesn't know why they need them. They just do so get them done.

Potluck Nazi - Ah...the holidays. The fun comes with the stress of figuring out what to bring to Potluck.

Drivetrain Massacre (unplugged) - Cover of 90's band "Jaws of Life" tune about an actual news report of an unfortunate petty thief meeting his demise via cement truck

Remastered BONUS TRACKS from the first House of Power EP!!

Paperwork - One perk of salaried employment is getting paid to sit on the toilet. Remember, don't let them catch you taking a 'shnap'.

We Rock - The first HoP song about how awesome we rock. We tried to get as many individual artists on the song as possible. We ended up with three acoustic, two electric, one bassist and a harmonica.

Jobbed - Everyone hates their job deep down. This song just says what you're thinking.

Work Wife - Mmmm, that special someone at the office. The day just isn't the same when they are gone.

Hot Dogs - The only people who do not love hot dogs, have not tried a hot dog.

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