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Math & Science

The best documentaries from The George Lucas Educational Foundation on the most pressing topics in education: project-based learning, technology integration, math and science, social and emotional learning, assessment, school-to-career, integrated studies, and teacher development.

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Parents, educators, and the business community acutely understand the importance of improving the achievement of U.S. students in mathematics and science. The documentaries in this group detail new and innovative ways math and classroom are being taught in the classroom.


--The Magic of Math--
Despite the large class sizes and economic challenges like those that plague many other Oregon schools, Fullerton 4 Elementary School has improved test scores dramatically by focusing on teacher training and support, including a math coach and summer workshops.

--Mountlake Terrace High School--
Students in Eeva Reeder's geometry class design schools for 2050, with guidance from two Seattle architects.

--Toad Tracking--
Through their work in a nationwide project called NatureMapping, fourth-grade students hone their reading, writing, and math skills while making meaningful contributions to science.

--Hula to High Tech--
A Honolulu school thrives in the computer age.

--Wetland Watchers--
Through this nationally recognized service-learning project, students have become stewards of the area's fragile wetland environment.

--Journey North--
Journey North involves thousands of students in monitoring migration patterns of butterflies and other species.

--Poudre High School Robotics--
Participation on their high school robotics team provides Poudre High School students with valuable lessons in applied mathematics and engineering-and in the importance of teamwork.

--JASON Project--
In person or via satellite, students engage in project-based learning through the exploits of Titanic explorer Bob Ballard.

--About The George Lucas Educational Foundation--
An introduction to GLEF, its mission, and its projects. Includes interview clips with founder and chairman George Lucas.

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