San Da Kickboxing Volume One
Produced by David Ross and Ray Sigmund
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San Da Kickboxing Volume One

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San Da Kickboxing Volume One

"The perfect crosstraining for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This material isnt covered in an integrated manner anywhere else"
- Liam Resnekov, VT-1 Gym, Autralia

Sifu David A Ross and San Da Training Systems releases another DVD as part of this continuing series. San Da Kickboxing Volume One teaches you the basic "6 gate" defense system.

1. Parry vs straight punches
2. Shielding vs. hooks and over hands
3. Parrying body punches
4. Shielding vs. body punches
5. Leg shields
6. Parrying vs. straight kicks

The second half of the DVD focuses on counter attacks. Use boxing, knees and kicks to counter each and every attack.

Whether you are training for self defense, Mixed Martial Arts or kickboxing, this DVD covers the essentials.

David A Ross, Ian Morgan

Title #212798
Format: DVD-R

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