San Da Kickboxing Volume Two
Produced by David Ross and Ray Sigmund
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San Da Kickboxing Volume Two

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San Da Kickboxing Volume Two

In this new instructional DVD, Sifu David A Ross and San Da Training Systems address two areas seldom dealt with in today's instructionals.

Section one covers basic elbow strikes. A number of effective set ups against common boxing punches are shown. More importantly, Sifu Ross demonstrates the essential mechanics and details of how to throw a correct elbow. With this DVD, you'll learn not only to throw powerful elbows but also elbows that will land on a trained fighter. The first section then moves onto options for defending against the elbow, including a rare defense called "breaking the arrow".

Section two is a detailed explanation of how forearms pads (sometimes called Thai pads) and suitcase pads (leg kick pads) can add another dimension to your training. You will learn the proper way to hold the pads and how to simultaneously train your defense. Drills appropriate for kickboxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts are all covered.

Finally, as a special bonus, Ian Morgan sets up a circuit of equipment training that instructors can use in their school.

David A Ross, Ian Morgan

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Format: DVD-R