Bomber Boys: the Fighting Lancaster Episode #3-"Combat"
Produced by Frantic Films Distributed by Monarch Films
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Bomber Boys: the Fighting Lancaster Episode #3-"Combat"

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Bomber Boys: the Fighting Lancaster Episode #3-"Combat"

As seen on PBS stations comes a new "living history" series reliving the early days of World War II. Using a unique blend of living history elements, CGI, first-person interviews and never-before-seen W.W.II footage. This dramatic four-part documentary series"Bomber Boys: The Fighting Lancaster" follows a new generation of "Bomber Boys" as they train to become a Lancaster Bomber crew.

In Episode three Baker Flight recurits get to spend time in the sky as they begin hands-on training in a Tiger Moth. After the flights, the recruits are ordered to prepare their barracks for a surprise VIP inspection by none other than the original Lucky H crew. Three generations after their training began, this group of Second World War vets gets a chance to see if the young men measure up.

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Airing on PBS Stations around the US.

Daniel Crowe, Matthew English, and Christopher Gottfried

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Format: DVD-R

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