In Search of the Valley
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In Search of the Valley

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In Search of the Valley

In Search of the Valley tells the story of three friends' personal journey into the psyche of Silicon Valley, when in September of 2004 they swapped London for California, spending one month visiting and talking to many of the valley's heavyweights and biggest personalities.

Directed by Steve O'Hear, and produced by Fleeta Siegel, the resulting film is a unique interpretation of Silicon Valley - a social fabric that has produced some of the most remarkable technological advances of the 20th Century, and spawned an infectious dichotomy of counterculture and entrepreneurship.


* Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak
* Adobe co-founder, John Warnock
* Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark
* Macromedia co-founder, Marc Canter
* Early Apple employees, Andy Hertzfeld, Jef Raskin, Dan Kottke, and Sandy Miranda
* Apple Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki
* Personal Computer pioneer, Lee Felsenstein
* Digibarn curator, Bruce Damer
* Apache developer, Brian Bhelendorf
* O'Reilly Media founder, Tim O'Reilly
* and many, many more...

About the DVD

As well as the main documentary feature, the In Search of the Valley DVD contains 30 minutes of additional interviews, a specially commissioned animation reel, photo slideshow, and original web trailer.

The disc is presented 16:9 in NTSC format and is region-free.

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