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Artist/Band: Dan Montez

Enoch is a new oratorio by prolific liturgical composer, Dan Montez. This audio recording is a live performance of the premiere in White Plains, New York presented by the soloists, chorus and orchestra of the Taconic Opera.
Enoch, father of Methuselah, mysteriously disappeared in the book of Genesis with little explanation. His book, mentioned in many canonical and Apocryphal texts was recently unearthed and translated from Aramaic, Geez, and Hebrew. The over one hundred chapter book, originally considered scripture by both Jews and Christians, was lost for almost 2000 years until now. Surprisingly, scholars found it to be the most quoted book in the New Testament (some say as much as 128 times) and to have had more influence on the New Testament than any other book.
The oratorio includes most of the major moments of the narrative, including the early wickedness of the world, the personification of the lamenting Earth, some of Enoch's prominent visions, his explanation of the floods and weeping heavens, his confusion regarding a God who can weep, his return from heaven, his teaching, his ascension into heaven, and his prophesied return.
Composer, Dan Montez, conducts the work himself.

Title #2143448
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