totally trucks / METAL MONSTERS
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totally trucks / METAL MONSTERS

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totally trucks / METAL MONSTERS

Kids learn about recycling with these monster machines as they crunch, crack, and mangle mountains of metal. And they'll learn to count too! Who knew a scrap yard could be so much fun?

MY SON WENT NUTS FOR IT by George C. (Pasadena, Ca)
It's such a simple yet brilliant concept. Just give little boys what they want...TRUCKS. Real trucks, big trucks, every kind of truck and machine you can think of. The footage is put together in a fast and fun format that grabs their attention and holds it. My son loved the videos and keeps coming back for repeat viewings. You owe it to yourself to try them.

Big Trucks!

FAMILY-APPROVED by The Dove Foundation

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totally trucks / METAL MONSTERS
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