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Artist/Band: Kevin J. Traynor

Journey is music from the heart, often intense, and serious even when lighthearted. This music came out, each piece basically as a whole, improvised to the accompaniment of intense feelings, the sudden release of years of pent-up emotion. It is hopeful in the midst of chaos, full of leaps of faith. It is firmly in the classical tradition, and whatever originality it has comes from the intensity of feeling rather than from experimentation. It is music to listen to without analysis or judgment; it is unstructured, and like life itself often defies logic.

Let it wash over you and see how it makes you feel. It is unhurried music, flowing out of itself rather than out of some conceptual framework. It is often deceptively simple but has a cumulative effect. It expresses, as most music does, things of the heart that are difficult, perhaps impossible to express in the language of words. This music is above all a reflection of feelings and thoughts that happened in a particular time-space to one individual, never to be repeated.

I call this album Journey, which is also the title of the four movement work that is next to last on the album, because these four movements seem central to the rest of the music on the album. The first movement of Journey is called Longing, and in a way, all the music on the album reflects the human longing to make life better. It is a universal longing, felt in this case by one individual, but experienced by everyone in their own way. The last movement, Prairie Lullaby, has for me the pleasant quality of suggesting the rocking of a boat on gentle waters, which is itself reminiscent of the waving of prairie grasses in the wind. When I listen to that lullaby now, it makes me a little sleepy...just doing its job I guess.

The album comes full circle in a way with the last piece, Bird over Water, which somehow reflects Lone Bird at the beginning, except that this bird is no longer alone.

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