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Mystic Traveler

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Mystic Traveler

Artist/Band: Christaal

Re-issue of a classic gem from the 80's. Mystic Traveler was released in 1987, played on many radio stations and available on cassette and CD on the Beyond/Only New Age Music label. Christaal has many fans all over the world.

Christaal (aka Apollo) recorded Mystic Traveler in 1986 with Joseph Milecki and released it on Beyond/Only New Age Music, Suzanne Doucet's record label in Los Angeles. Christaal was an assistant to Suzanne in the early formation of the label Beyond, involved in managing the Only New Age Music store and New Age Music Network gatherings and coferences in Hollywood, California.

Christaal composed Mystic Traveler as a tribute to all seekers of enlightenment. Each composition contains within it the vibration of Spiritual Illumination and the struggles to awaken each spiritual aspirant must confront on the path. Christaal wrote the music and was inspired by his relationship with a Native American from Mt Shasta who became his Mentor and Spiritual Guide. The music describes through sound and is the result of the many dimensions of consciousness he experienced during this period of intense spiritual study. He hopes that others might experience states of bliss and illumination simply by listening to this spirit filled set of compositions that he calls Mystic Traveler. Many people have also reported pain relief and healing after listening to his music.

Apollo (aka Christaal) is now also a renown psychic in Phoenix, Arizona. Part Native American from the Cherokee Nation, Apollo has 30 years of research and experience in Metaphysics and the UFO phenomenon. Hailing from Kansas City Missouri, Apollo, has traveled the country as an Award Winning Motivational Speaker lecturing and teaching classes on a vast array of Metaphysical subjects including Extraterrestrials,Multidimensional Consciousness and Shamanism. His training includes studying with a Brujo from Mexico and a Native American Medicine Woman from Mt Shasta, both who taught him the way of the Shaman.

He is also fast becoming known as a passionate, bull dog investigator dedicated to getting to the public the most late breaking news and information on UFO's and The Star Nations from a uniquely Native American perspective! Apollo's other accomplishments include being a guest on the Award Winning national cable UFO show UFO AZ and a guest speaker at MUFON. He has been a guest on Television and Radio programs including KFNX NEWS TALK RADIO 1100 AM, TV & RADIO LATINA 1150AM, sharing his research on the UFO field.

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