Cesar Franck - Paul Dukas
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Cesar Franck - Paul Dukas

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Cesar Franck - Paul Dukas

Artist/Band: Mehmet Okonsar

Two major late-romantic composers and their main piano works: Cesar Franck and Paul Dukas.

Grave and heavy are the major characteristics of César Franck's piano music.
As Alfred Cortot comments, the lyricism in those ravishing pages does not have the poetic quality of one Chopin or Schumann. Yet they are packed with a strong and abundant classicism. Contrary to Saint-Saens or Fauré who were aiming for transparence and lightness, Franck employs the piano as a strong polyphonic and harmonic instrument.

An impressive erudite and looked-after teacher at the Paris Conservatory and the "Ecole Normale", Paul Dukas will have Olivier Messiaen among his pupils. His compositions, restraint by number but extremely elaborated, are to have a great importance on future generations. Gabriel Fauré writes: "powerful originality, high sensitivity and an admirable style; these are the qualities which make, for me, Paul Dukas a very great musician."

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