Never Bank On A Learning Curve
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Never Bank On A Learning Curve

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Never Bank On A Learning Curve

Artist/Band: Dan L. Hollifield

Instrumental music composed entirely within my computer using the MAGIX Music Maker program. This is an exploration of my imagination, using a very versatile music composing program. No two artists would create the same sounds using the same program. This is an example of how I make best use of the program and instrument voices.

Years ago I was playing in several different garage bands, using a variety of instruments. I had also spent many years in band classes in school. I've always found ways to be creative, musically. The selections on this album reflect my many musical interests, across all genres. Composing music in this way, inside my computer, is as much fun as playing an instrument. But this is more rewarding in that I have much more control over what the piece of music will sound like when it's finished. Not only am I composing music for a huge variety of instruments, but I also am able to mix the finished piece as if I were working the board at some big recording studio. Working this way is a great deal of fun. I believe that the fun shows up in the music, too.

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Format: CD-R