Impressive 1 Minute Napkins
Produced by Theodore Barta
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Impressive 1 Minute Napkins

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Impressive 1 Minute Napkins

> All you need is a napkin
> Takes just a minute or less
> Elegant, adds a special touch

Enjoying meals is one of life's little, but frequent pleasures. Chef Ted shows you how to turn any table into an impressive setting with a wide variety of easy napkin folds. Your table will make a lasting good impression on everyone. Friends and family will be amazed.
Turn any meal into a festive occasion just by folding a napkin.
Instructions for : Swirl, Candle, Bird of Paradise, Artichoke/Rose, Bishop's Hat, Cuffed Roll, Tux, several simple Fans, Oriental Fan, and much desired boot and baby. Recommend large square restaurant cloth napkins.

Theodore Barta

Title #219223
Format: DVD-R
Impressive 1 Minute Napkins
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