Lost Worlds: Georgia (Expanded Edition) v2.0

Lost Worlds: Georgia (Expanded Edition) v2.0

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Lost Worlds: Georgia (Expanded Edition) v2.0

Version 2.0 of our "Lost Worlds: Georgia (Expanded Edition)" DVD includes three videos in one: a 42 minute version, a 24 minute version and a 30 minute bonus video featuring Native American drumming, chanting, and dancing. New version includes additional 3D computer animations and a professional voice over narration.

This groundbreaking video takes you back through 4,000 years of Georgia's prehistory on a tour through the state's most important Native American archaeological sites. Included in this tour is never-before-seen footage of several unique sites including the Sapelo Shell Ring complex on Georgia's Atlantic coast, the mysterious stone wall atop a north Georgia mountain known as Fort Mountain, and the unique bird-shaped effigy mounds known as Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk. Other stops along the way include the massive flat-topped earthen pyramids located at several sites throughout the state including at Kolomoki Mounds, Ocmulgee Mounds, and Etowah Mounds.

This video features interviews with historians and archaeologists who tell the story of Georgia's complex prehistoric Native American societies. The video uses 3D computer reconstructions to show the viewer the majesty of these long forgotten civilizations that once inhabited every corner of the state.

The video also takes you inside museums throughout Georgia to reveal the exquisite artifacts unearthed from archaeological sites around the state. From the oldest pottery ever discovered in North America to large human effigy statues carved from Georgia marble, these artifacts reveal the artistic achievements of Georgia's first peoples.

All of the sites featured in this DVD are open to the public thus this video is part historical documentary and part travel video.

I think you have a good product. This is an area in Georgia studies where there are not too many resources. The quality of the filming and sound was fantastic-- the editing was expertly done. I will recommend your video for anyone."
-Lynn Strickland
Georgia Library Media Association, Inc.

"I looked at your video and really enjoyed it. I think teachers would appreciate having this resource. Students often have a misconception of what Native Americans in early Georgia looked like and how they lived. This video gives students and teachers a better understanding of what life may have been like long before the Europeans stepped on the shore of Georgia."
-Dr. Eddie Bennett
Georgia Council for the Social Studies

"This outstanding production...skillfully interweaves computer-generated dioramas and animation representing archaeologists' reconstructions of ancient ruins, contemporary film footage of the sites, presenters discussing sites with the visiting public, and interviews with experts....While intended for adults, this production is very accessible and could be easily integrated into school programs at the eighth grade level and higer."
-Eugenia Abbey
The Georgia Library Quarterly

Georgia Historical Society's Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Award: Best Media Project

Film Festivals:
Independent Television Festival, Los Angeles, CA: July 2006

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Lost Worlds: Georgia (Expanded Edition) v2.0
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