Second Helping

Second Helping

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Second Helping

Artist/Band: Dan L. Hollifield

My second album of instrumental songs composed with the MAGIX Music Maker program. This is another eclectic mix of styles and genres. However, it is also a very fun collection of my most recent work. I build these pieces in the computer program. Then I edit them, sometimes having to change the key on several instrument voices so match the ones I wanted to build off of, or just the pitch of a single note of one instrument. Sometimes I can't find a sequencer pattern, or a drum part, or background SFX that i like for a song. When that happens, I build what I want using tools the program provides. Sometimes I have to search for a particular sound effect, then convert it to a format I can use. And there is always the mixing, to insure that everything in the song, every voice, is the right volume for the song as a whole. I'm sometimes using half a dozen different software programs at once to blend every element together just how my mind's ear wants it to sound. Rarely does a single song take less than a week to develop from a blank canvas to the finished piece. And then I burn a temporary mix CD to listen to, endlessly, searching for errors or possible tweaks, or even full re-writes. I might wind up with a 20-minute composition, which eventually gets edited down into the best shorter arrangement I can devise. Some songs may take a single day to become what I wanted. Others might take months.

From Jazz to Pop to Rock to Orchestral to Electronica, this album delivers my best on every song. I believe that listeners will enjoy this album. It's quite a good blend of the differing styles and genres, As I was editing the final track selection, I was reminded of how good each song sounds. I think that this is a wonderful album. To be sure, I had a lot of fun putting it all together.

I have worked very hard to insure that this album is my best work so far. Early reviews have been amazing. They range from a polite "Oh, I like that," to an intense "Shut up and take my money!"

In the long run, I believe that I'm providing good music that people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds can enjoy. And that's the bottom line for me, to make things that people enjoy.

I hope you enjoy it!

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