The Clavicle Gate
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The Clavicle Gate

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The Clavicle Gate

Artist/Band: Michael Var Fickle

After many years off the grid, Michael Var Fickle returns with...something different. "The Clavicle Gate." How does one describe the songs by Michael Var Fickle? One seldom hears eerie, beautiful, sad, poetic, determined, confusing and romantic to describe one person's writing. The music? The music is eclectic and electric!! Diverse and multi-styled, Michael Var Fickle takes you on a journey that ebbs and flows through a musical landscape that can only come from a deranged genius of this musical magnitude. His lyric writing is poetic and sometimes blunt with a realism that strikes at the heart of longing, heartbreak, triumph and the indigestion of the soul. A must have for any music listener who goes beyond the mundane and into the real world that sounds great and tastes better.

Bio-Michael Var Fickle has bounced around this country over the years. Performing his terrifying takes on LoVe lies & somber idiocy. His esoteric songs leave a creepy impression on the listener like few can. As time went on, his writing grew so strange and diverse, that every song seems to sound like a different band. So many voices and so many styles, seems to energize him. Still, no matter how far he goes, lyrics are always the most important event in his songs. "So much symbolism and so little time" is his most common reply when asked..."why?". Many songs later and now living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina....he sends to all of you....a sigh of relief.

"THE CLAVICLE GATE" track listing:
1) Obligatory Intro
2) unsaid (precious to me)
3) Nickles And Dimes, Baby
4) Halt My Hands
5) What To Do
6) Twelve Years Between Coins
7) Guidance
8) Is It You Or Is It Me?
9) You're A Fake, You're A Fraud...And I'm Your Biggest Fan
10) Cynical Show
11) On My Head
12) So Worn You're Warm (Ugly)

Produced by Michael Var Fickle

Title #2207681
Format: CD-R