The Clavicle Gate
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The Clavicle Gate

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The Clavicle Gate

Artist/Band: Michael Var Fickle

After many years off the grid, Michael Var Fickle returns with "The Clavicle Gate". There aren't many releases in a calendar year where ALL the songs are good. The Clavicle Gate is one of them. From intense self doubt to eerie finger pointing, Fickle lays open as if it were a confessional. Strange love songs to women AND drugs, Fickle seems adamant towards his convictions and begging forgiveness for them at the same time. The vocals range from a desperate plea to a rage filled snarl. Clearly Fickle has put some time into the lyrics("I toast this crash and burn to you") and while the musical end of the songwriting is top notch with hooks galore(i never knew what to expect around each corner), it's the lyrics that really make the release shine("keys are heard jinglin' down the hall, while the mask lip-syncs a sympathy call"). Recommended listening. I even liked the cover art.

1) Obligatory Intro
2) unsaid (precious to me)
3) Nickles And Dimes, Baby
4) Halt My Hands
5) What To Do
6) Twelve Years Between Coins
7) Guidance
8) Is It You Or Is It Me?
9) You're A Fake, You're A Fraud...And I'm Your Biggest Fan
10) Cynical Show
11) On My Head
12) So Worn You're Warm (Ugly)

MVF: vocals, guitar & piano
Keith Thomson: bass
Dave Perry: drums
Damen Thompson: guitar

Jeff Zielinski: drums on tracks 2,7,8 & 9
Dave Schall: guitar on tracks 8 & 11
Jim Fourniadis: bass & background vocals on tracks 11 & 12
Chad Knight: drums on tracks 11 & 12
Josh Sokal: additional bass on track 2

Produced by MVF
All songs by MVF

Title #2207681
Format: CD-R