Naked Producers - Blue Frost, Kansas

Naked Producers - Blue Frost, Kansas

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Naked Producers - Blue Frost, Kansas

The Shakespearean traveling road show comes to Blue Frost, Kansas, and the local guys volunteer to wear Togas and be Spear Carriers in the battle scenes.

Jon Prince is the Banker's son, the Socialite's son, son of a Prince! He's never been naked on stage before - or at least naked under a Toga in a Shakespearean battle scene! He idolized the wrestlers in school, and heard once that they weigh-in naked.

Jon Prince has a best friend Raalf. A long-haired, spear carrying Nordic god.

Pretentius is the local coffeehouse comedienne, too bad the coffeehouse is in the basement of the Baptist Church. He never dressed or showered in gym class, so he too has never been naked in front of others - until now.

Montius was the king of the locker room in school, and while that was some time ago, he quickly becomes the king of the dressing room for this play - no clothes on at all.

Ms Genda. The curious woman from Council Bluffs, who walks like a woman but talks like a man. And then her twin brother discovers her awful secret in the dressing room following one of the frequent little accidents.

Mr. Paul Hobfostent was the leading man at the old Blue Frost theater for many decades. But now he is the stage manager, so how come only Producer Stan can see him?

A silly movie with 7 1/2 naked men. A fun little comedy with handsome 20-something guys naked in and out of their Togas. Is this gay cinema...?

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