Silent Vengeance: Original Soundtrack
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Silent Vengeance: Original Soundtrack

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Silent Vengeance: Original Soundtrack

Artist/Band: Dan 138

Soundtrack to the 2011 Dark Night Films production, Silent Vengeance.

Track listing includes:
1. Opening Titles Performed by Steel & Matt Spease
2. Introduction to Gallo/Garris at the Station
3. Daniel Enters Town/Ellie At The Clinic
4. Judge Parker/Garris Vs Mayor Wilkins
5. Marion Crane Psycho Arrow
6. Garris Meets Daniel/Gallo Crime Scene
7. Duncans Gas Station Mistake
8. Lyndsey Death Aftermath/Daniel & Theresa at the Motel
9. Gina Intro/Thomas Krueger Death
10. Garris' Nightmare/Kimberly Death
11. Barres' Penthouse Murders
12. Jane Killed/Gina Phillips Last Performance
13. Alexandra's Death/Truck Action Sequence
14. Ellie's Final Trick
15. A Killer Reveal/Finale
16. Hospital Ending
17. End Credits Performed by Steel & Matt Spease

All tracks composed by Dan 138 unless otherwise noted.

Title #2212021
Format: CD-R