1980-Sacred Project-Freedom
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1980-Sacred Project-Freedom

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1980-Sacred Project-Freedom

Artist/Band: Graham Philip d'Ancey

Sacred Project.
The four compositions; Heart, Dance, Blood and Passion were recorded in 1980 and intended for an EP release. Only Heart was released as a single in 1981 on the Blue September label, "Lament of the Winged Warrior" was the 'B' side- for which no multi track or Master tape now exists.The Minimal Wave label in New York released a 500 limited edition, white vinyl 12inch of Sacred Project in 2008.
Heart, Dance, Passion and Blood have been remixed as original and Digitally Mastered, trying hard to keep the warm analogue sound and spirit for this CD.

Although recorded in early 1980 and receiving air play "Freedom" was a limited release in 1983 along with the album "Alluma". . "False Prophet" was the 'B' side.
Remixed, re-mastered as per the "Sacred Project" though the tape was not in the same condition.

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Format: CD-R